Frequently Asked Questions

We know that prospective clients have many questions while determining if CALIPSO is the right fit for their institution. To assist you in the process, we have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions.
Is CALIPSO available for both speech-language pathology and audiology?
Yes. CALIPSO LLC offers both CALIPSO for Audiology and CALIPSO for Speech-Language Pathology. Both versions are stand-alone and are purchased separately.
Does CALIPSO track both academic and clinical standards?
Yes. CALIPSO generates reports reflecting formative and summative assessments and provides documentation of both knowledge and skills obtained through academic and clinical coursework. Students are able to monitor and review their progress toward meeting the standards and, ultimately, demonstrate, through a completed KASA form, that all required knowledge and skills have been met.
Can I use my own forms or must I use CALIPSO’s forms?
CALIPSO provides standard templates that are aligned with the current CFCC and CAA standards. Those templates can be used as is or can be customized to fit your specific needs.
What kind of modifications can be made? 
Almost every feature of CALIPSO can be modified, but most clients adopt CALIPSO with making only the standard modifications included in the initial cost of the CALIPSO Program. Standard modifications include, but are not limited to, changes to the clinical performance evaluation form, rating scale, performance expectations, grading scale, and clock hour minimums. Hourly fees apply to exclusive customization requests.
How much does CALIPSO cost?
Annual Institution Fee:
The annual institutional fee supports initial customization, technical and service support, server space, and upgrades. Institutions have the option to pay this fee electronically via a secure online payment system accessible from the CALIPSO website or by check. Please visit for current pricing.
Student Fee:
The student fee is a one-time fee paid upon initial registration. The student's CALIPSO account will then remain current throughout his/her training regardless of the number of semesters required by his/her Program. Students have the option to pay this fee electronically via a secure online payment system accessible from the CALIPSO website or the University may pay electronically or by check. Please visit for current pricing.
What is the best way to learn more about CALIPSO?
The best way to learn about CALIPSO is to attend a monthly webinar. The live online demonstration runs 2 hours and includes a review of the many time-saving and easy-to-use features. Contact to be added to the webinar email notification list.
Who should attend the webinar?
It is recommended that the clinical director, chair, clinical faculty, and the key administrative assistants view the webinar. Additionally, an IT representative may have an interest in learning about system security.
What is the process for adopting CALIPSO?
  • Once the decision is made to adopt CALIPSO, the first step is executing CALIPSO’s licensing agreement.
  • While the licensing agreement is in process, a University designee can work with CALIPSO on desired modifications via a provided implementation checklist.
  • Once the licensing agreement has been signed and desired modifications received, CALIPSO will begin building your University’s CALIPSO site. It generally takes a week to build a site once development begins. Exact turn-around time is dependent on project volume at the time and the complexity of requested modifications. 
  • Once your site is completed, a two hour training session for your CALIPSO identified administrators will be scheduled.
  • Following administrator training, you will be ready to begin using CALIPSO immediately.
  • CALIPSO strives to make the adoption process easy, convenient, and timely.
If I choose to adopt CALIPSO, how long does it take to implement?
Once the licensing agreement has been signed and desired modifications received, CALIPSO will begin building your University’s CALIPSO site which generally takes a week. Following completion of the site and administrator training, you can begin using CALIPSO that day. There is very little information that must be entered prior to use.
Is training provided to new CALIPSO clients?
Yes. CALIPSO’s highest priority is providing support and training to their clients. In addition to customer support assistance, many written resources are available to assist in the navigation, utilization, and training of administrators, supervisors, and students.
Does a CALIPSO representative travel to my university?
No. All demonstrations, training, and customer support are provided through web conferencing software, e-mail, and phone communication which reduces cost and improves time efficiency.
What is CALIPSO’s commitment to the longevity and sustainability of the company?
CALIPSO is 100% dedicated and committed to the success of the company and their clients. From its’ inception, the company has had a clear strategic plan that included a stable and sustainable mission and vision. A succession plan is also in place to ensure a seamless transition to new leadership, should the need arise.
Will CALIPSO make changes when the CFCC or CAA standards change?
Yes. As the CFCC or CAA standards change, CALIPSO will make the necessary changes in order for clients to maintain their compliance.
How secure is CALIPSO?
Physical security:
CALIPSO utilizes Linode's data facility located in Dallas, TX. The facility holds SOC2 certification and utilizes multiple methods of security including both physical and biometric security. The facility is monitored 24/7/365.
System security:
CALIPSO uses advanced technology for Internet security which changes frequently to align with the newest security protocols. Upon request, CALIPSO will provide a detailed white paper on their Security Standards. Additionally, CALIPSO voluntarily submits to a third-party security review annually.
Data security:
CALIPSO performs nightly backups both on and off-site. The security standards implemented by CALIPSO allow you to maintain your FERPA compliance.
Request a webinar to view an online demonstration of CALIPSO.


We are pleased to announce that CALIPSO for SLP® is used by 86% of all Speech-Language Pathology programs and CALIPSO for Audiology® is used by 63% of all Audiology programs with a retention rate of over 99%.