CALIPSO (Clinical Assessment of Learning Inventory of Performance Streamlined Office Operations) is a web-based application that manages key aspects of academic and clinical education designed specifically and exclusively for speech-language pathology and audiology training programs.

Drowning in paperwork, Laurel, CALIPSO Founder, knew there had to be an easier and more efficient way to work. Attempts to modify generic computer applications and to hire an independent programmer to build a system failed due to time-intensiveness and expense. Finally, Laurel received approval for an in-house technology project and was introduced to a very talented MUSC computer programmer, Satyajit. The initial goal of the project was to reduce and streamline the paperwork for administrators, clinical supervisors, and students by creating a web-based system for entering and calculating student clinical performance evaluations and clinical clock hours.

The initial goal of reducing and streamlining paperwork was not only met but exceeded. CALIPSO improved Laurel's career satisfaction by not only adding sanity to the time between semesters when one clinical experience was ending and another was beginning but by providing essential CFCC and CAA data. CALIPSO improved the communication between student and supervisor, and due to the students’ unlimited access to their records and their progress toward meeting the standards, the students became resourceful advocates of their own clinical training.

In December of 2008, an announcement was made that MUSC's CSD Program would close following the graduation of the Class of 2010. MUSC’s Program closure ultimately afforded Laurel the time and opportunity to make CALIPSO available to other CSD programs.

In August of 2010, CALIPSO, LLC was formed and successfully launched. With full-time dedication to development, growth, and client satisfaction, CALIPSO is providing time-saving solutions and managing data required of academic and clinical directors to an ever growing number of CSD programs.

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We are pleased to announce that CALIPSO for SLP® is used by 86% of all Speech-Language Pathology programs and CALIPSO for Audiology® is used by 63% of all Audiology programs with a retention rate of over 99%.