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Clinical Directors

“At Florida State, we have approximately 150 graduate students between our main campus and distance learning programs. CALIPSO has revolutionized our student record-keeping. Instead of having to maintain drawers and drawers of bulky file folders stuffed with hours logs, grading forms, liability insurance cards, etc. that are only accessible when I’m at the office, I’m able to quickly respond to student and supervisor inquiries by logging into the CALIPSO site from anywhere in the world. I can check on a student’s performance at a particular clinical site, monitor his or her clock hours and prompt those students who are lagging, and track the various sites we use for student placements. Further, I can easily determine which supervisors tend to get high evaluations from students vs. those that may need some guidance in supervision. Finally, the data that are accessible from CALIPSO will allow us to respond easily and efficiently to CAA during our next site visit. Besides what the program itself does for us, Laurel and her staff are always quick and gracious in responding to any question we may have. CALIPSO has been a great addition to our graduate program and is a lifesaver for me as Clinic Director!”

Lisa A. Scott, Ph.D. CCC-SLP
Director of Clinical Education
School of Communication Science & Disorders
Florida State University

“Clinical education has evolved into a more expansive, challenging and demanding pursuit. University programs are under pressure to accept more students, provide a richer and deeper clinical experience for those students, while maintaining the quality and breadth of education & training set forth by ASHA’s certification standards. Meeting the demands of tracking and documenting these achievements, in addition to other aspects of university-based documentation has been challenging, and at times overwhelming for program chairs and clinical educators. </p><p> CALIPSO has significantly streamlined and simplified all aspects of our clinical documentation process. Time intensive tasks such as calculating scores and hours, verifying certification, faxing forms, having lengthy meetings with clinicians, have become a thing of the past. Yes, the past! CALIPSO is user friendly, accessible, and secure. Laurel has provided top notch training and technical support with the utmost professionalism through the entire process of adopting CALIPSO. The students love it, our on and off campus supervisors have welcomed it, and I have more time to address bigger and better challenges! Do it! You won’t be sorry!”

Renee Wendel, MS, CCC-SLP
Clinic Director / Senior Lecturer
Department of Communication Disorders
Texas State University - San Marcos

“CALIPSO has increased the efficiency and accuracy of our competency tracking for each student. The program is designed specifically to meet the needs of academic program in Speech and Language. It is flexible enough that we can add competencies gained through clinical classwork as well as practicum. Laurel Hays responds immediately whenever there is a technical problem and things are quickly resolved. The ability to pull together class data on hours and competencies was extremely useful during our recent accreditation self-study and site visit.”

Kelly Ingram, M.S., CCC-SLP
Director of the ASU Speech and Language
Clinic Department of Speech and Hearing Science
Arizona State University

“Our first roll-out of CALIPSO at New Mexico State University came during a difficult time when we were down several key clinical administrators. CALIPSO literally saved us. CALIPSO helped us organize our students’ and supervisors’ documentation and made this aspect of clinical education easier for everyone. Now, students use CALIPSO to log their clinic hours and receive feedback from supervisors; supervisors approve hours electronically and provide evaluations this way as well. As program director, I have access to all of this information at all times, and use these evaluations for summative assessments each semester without having to request more reports from the supervisors. I have an easy to read clinical summary sheet that is in-line with the KASA standards to add to my review at the graduate student exit interview. All in all, CALIPSO makes the data management part of our clinical program flow smoothly, logically, and, best of all, helps us achieve our goal of going green in our clinic. I recommend it highly to any clinical program large or small!”

Marlene Salas-Provance, PhD., CCC-SLP
Program Director
Program in Communication Disorders
New Mexico State University

“We have been using CALIPSO for a semester and a half. It has already saved me tons of time. It tracks clinical hours very effectively, helps us to show compliance with several accreditation standards easily, provides a private secure site for communication between supervisors and students about their clients, allows our students to track their own clinical education progress on a daily basis if they want, eliminates many time consuming tasks I used to do by hand, and the CALIPSO staff does great with technical support and communication.”

Robert Ackerman, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Professor / Graduate Coordinator
Speech-Language Pathology Department
East Stroudsburg University of PA

“Prior to implementing CALIPSO, our paper-based system gathered the same information. However, I was unable to analyze any of this information without re-entering it into spreadsheets. Even then, it was very difficult to analyze large trends across the entire clinical education program. Along with simple, reliable tracking of each individual student’s hours and acquisition of skills, CALIPSO gives me instant access to useful information that aids the clinical education planning process.”

Lisa Domby, M.S., CCC-SLP
Clinical Education Coordinator / Assistant Professor
Division of Speech & Hearing Sciences
University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

“Prior to CALIPSO we utilized multiple databases which were saved here, there, and everywhere and students were only able to view limited information online in a very confusing format. Students were constantly contacting us to see how many hours they had, what competencies they needed, etc. We have now been using CALIPSO for a year and what a wonderful transition it has been! Our students and supervisors love being able to view and complete everything online. Our faculty and staff love that we can have all of this information in one spot which we can access anytime anywhere. We have been able to decrease our carbon footprint by doing away with many paper forms and save valuable time by not having to transfer data from paper to computer. Laurel has been excellent to work with us to modify the site to meet our needs. When we said the only missing piece was the KASA, she agreed to add it which will make this the perfect system!”

Jan Sandidge MS, CCC/SLP
Distance Learning Program Coordinator
Department of Communication Disorders
Western Kentucky University
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We are pleased to announce that CALIPSO for SLP® is used by 86% of all Speech-Language Pathology programs and CALIPSO for Audiology® is used by 63% of all Audiology programs with a retention rate of over 99%.