Don't just take it from us… listen to what the many satisfied users are saying about CALIPSO!


“As a student at MUSC, CALIPSO was invaluable to me! It allowed me to take responsibility for my clinical hours, and keep track of my progress in real time. I had 24/7 access to clinical hours, supervisor data, evaluations, health records, and other important files. When it was time to apply for my licensure, I felt ahead of the game and had all the paperwork required completed and at my fingertips. CALIPSO should be a must-have of every serious clinical education program.”

Sunshine Selby, Student
MUSC Class of 2010

I am so thankful to have had a user friendly, organized computer program to help me with all needed documentation for completion of graduate school. In a time where class, studying, tests, jobs, and clinical commitments consumed most of my time, CALIPSO allowed for a time efficient method to stay organized, which was invaluable to a graduating student. I whole-heartedly recommend this program!

Laura Beth Branan, Student
MUSC Class of 2010

During my graduate school experience, CALIPSO served as an excellent resource to keep me updated and organized with all my clinical practicum hours. It provides a succinct breakdown of the requirements needed for successful completion of observation and clinical clockhours. In times of doubt, CALIPSO reminded me of what had been accomplished and what still needed to be accomplished in order to graduate.

Kelly MacDonald, Student
MUSC Class of 2010

“CALIPSO is an essential organizational tool. It ensured the accuracy of my record keeping, while enabling convenient access to my records. In a program where accurate records directly impact future career success, CALIPSO is indispensable.”

Lindsay Hunt, Student
MUSC Class of 2009

“CALIPSO made a clinically-demanding curriculum manageable. It was great knowing that I could track all of my clinical hours from one semester to the next and easily view my cumulative progress towards a complicated set of graduation and licensure requirements. The fact that CALIPSO allowed for secure, universal access to all of my clinical placement information and performance evaluations made it even more beneficial.”

Jenny Tate, Student
MUSC Class of 2010

“As an undergraduate and graduate student it was mandatory that I keep meticulous records of my clinical experiences, practicum grades, performance evaluations and much more. CALIPSO was by far the most efficient, all-encompassing and user-friendly option of all the software programs I used throughout my six years of higher education. CALIPSO proved invaluable upon graduation as I was easily and quickly able to condense a massive quantity of information about my academic and clinical career into a few concise documents to provide for job interviews, state licensure requirements and professional association memberships.”

Kristen Lankford, Student
MUSC Class of 2009

CALIPSO was so helpful in keeping track of hours and requirements for graduation. It streamlined everything and made it very easy to see what was needed to fulfill requirements. All of my supervisors for my off-site internships were so impressed with the organization and ease of CALIPSO. They all wished that their students from other schools had used CALIPSO as a student evaluation tool.

Marissa Velleco, Student
MUSC Class of 2010

“CALIPSO has been a wonderful tool for me to take control of my clinical education. Not only does it illustrate the requirements for licensure, but it also tracks my personal progress toward this goal. CALIPSO has done wonders at eliminating the ambiguity between student and clinical supervisor.”

Katlyn E. McGrattan, Student
MUSC Class of 2010

“CALIPSO made recording my clock hours during hectic clinicals a breeze. I have also had many supervisors comment on how efficient this system is.”

Brittni Carnes, Student
MUSC Class of 2009

“The Clinical Assessment of Learning, Inventory of Performance and Streamlined Office-Operations (CALIPSO) made recording and organizing clinical clock hours a breeze. While using CALIPSO I knew at a glance which clock hours I had completed for graduation/ASHA requirements and where more clinical hours were needed. This program eliminated the shuffling and sorting of paperwork pertinent towards receiving my degree and license as a Speech language Pathologist. CALIPSO also enabled me to receive and review past and present supervisor evaluations which gave me consistent insight into my strengths and weaknesses throughout rotations allowing for continual improvement and clinical growth.”

Elaina Simpson, Student
MUSC Class of 2010
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We are pleased to announce that CALIPSO for SLP® is used by 86% of all Speech-Language Pathology programs and CALIPSO for Audiology® is used by 63% of all Audiology programs with a retention rate of over 99%.