Designed exclusively for speech-language pathology and audiology training programs, CALIPSO manages key aspects of academic and clinical education.


Major benefits of CALIPSO:

  • Anywhere-anytime access
  • Enhances communication between student, supervisor, and clinical coordinator
  • Allows anytime-anywhere access
  • Provides a paperless system
  • Streamlines clinical management
  • Offers customization of clinical forms and grading scale
  • Requires no software download
  • Archives data in an easily accessible format
  • Posts downloadable PDF documents of key data so institutions can easily back-up and save data
  • Provides ability to calculate on-campus supervisor workloads based on clock hours supervised
  • Provides sample tutorials for student and supervisor training
  • Offers intuitive navigation reducing training needs per student and supervisor testimonials

Produces automated:

  • KASA summary form for academic and clinical standards
  • CFCC clinical standards verification
  • SLP Clinical Population form (Appendix VI-B)
  • Certification Application – Verification by Program Director form
  • Clinical clock hour experience records
  • Grade reports
  • Individual student performance summaries
  • Clinical averages
  • Accreditation and licensure forms
  • Clock hour deficiencies by client age and disorder
  • Completion of graduation requirements
  • Supervisor ASHA certification, state licensure, and teaching certification expirations
  • Supervisor scoring and grading profiles
  • Supervisory history summary
  • Supervisor and student e-mail lists

Provides secure anytime-anywhere access to an unlimited number of:

  • Clinical administrators
  • Clinical supervisors (on or off campus)
  • Students

Allows for online submission of:

  • Student performance evaluations consistent with CFCC standards
  • Clinical clock hours
  • Student self assessments
  • Supervisory feedback
  • Clinical site information forms

Offers secure server posting of:

  • Lesson plans, diagnostic reports, clinical assignments
  • Student verification, immunization and training certificates
  • Portfolios

It would be impossible to share all of CALIPSO’s features on our website, but we have left nothing out.  You will love our Compliance and Immunization feature as well as our licensure board quality documents personalized with your university’s logo.

Request a webinar to view an online demonstration of CALIPSO.


We are pleased to announce that CALIPSO for SLP® is used by 86% of all Speech-Language Pathology programs and CALIPSO for Audiology® is used by 63% of all Audiology programs with a retention rate of over 99%.